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Author: Dan Mosedale <>


These modules (well, at the moment, there's only one) live in the Mozilla CVS tree under mozilla/directory/xpcom/.

For a description of what is currently here, see the README.

If you're interesting in lending a hand, the first thing to do is check out the TODO list to get an idea of what is planned and needs to be done. Feel free to post to the newsgroup with questions or to come to the #mozilla channel on and ask around there.


Simply build as you normally would, but supply the --enable-ldap option to configure (either on the command-line or in your .mozconfig file).
Set ENABLE_LDAP to 1 in your environment before building. Build as usual.
To build the XPCOM LDAP component on Macintosh, add the following line to your Mozilla debug build prefs file before building: options ldap 1 and then build.


Run mozilla and type an ldap: URL into the location bar. It should just work.