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Tools for LDAP

Contact: Mozilla-directory <>

LDAP Tools

This section of the mozilla-directory site is dedicated to tools which improve LDAP integration with existing applications. One of the goals of this section of the mozilla-directory site it to encourage developers, administrators and users of LDAP to share ideas and tools. Please send us ideas

Starting November 3, 1998 we will be publishing tools and information which use LDAP - all source of course.


PerLDAP for Peoplesoft - This tool is for users of PeopleSoft who which to synchronize their PeopleSoft database with an LDAP Server. A gzipped tar file or zip file for Windows is available.

If you have questions or want to discuss issues about the Directory SDK source release or the PerLDAP source release, you can post a message to the newsgroup. (For more information about the newsgroups and mailing lists available from, see the community page.)