Netscape Directory SDK for Java: Source Code Documentation

Last Updated: July 29, 1998



The source code for the Directory SDK for Java consists of the Java classes that implement the LDAP API. These include classes and methods that can establish sessions with LDAP servers, create and send LDAP requests to the servers, and retrieve responses from the servers. The SDK also includes classes for getting and editing schema information for the LDAP server.

In the LDAP protocol, requests and responses are encoded using the Basic Encoding Rules (BER). The SDK source code include classes for encoding and decoding data, according to these rules.

Source Tree Directory Structure

The source code for the Netscape Directory SDK for Java is organized in the following directories:

    java-sdk/           // Main makefile and manifest file
      ldapbeans/        // netscape.ldap.beans package
            beans/      // LDAP Java bean classes
      ldapfilter/       // Filter classes from netscape.ldap.util
                        //   (does not include the ORO regexp package)
            util/       // LDAP Java filter classes
      ldapjdk/          // Main LDAP Java classes
            sasl/       // Classes for SASL authentication
          ldap/         // Core Java classes for LDAP
              stream/   // Internal classes for encoding/decoding
                        //   requests and responses using Basic Encoding
                        //   Rules (BER)
            client/     // Internal classes representing LDAP messages,
                        //   filters, and controls
              opers/    // Internal classes for basic LDAP requests
                        //   and responses
            controls/   // Classes for LDAP controls
            error/      // Error messages corresponding to LDAP result codes;
                        //   these are used by LDAPException
            util/       // Utility classes
  dist/			// Contains the built SDK (created 
                        //   when you build the SDK)

Internal Architecture

Roadmap of the Source Files

The different sets of classes are described below.

LDAP Operation Classes. These classes and methods are responsible for requesting LDAP operations from the server (such as the method and the LDAPConnection.add method).

These classes are in the mozilla/directory/java-sdk/ldapjdk/netscape/ldap directory.

Request and Result Handling Classes. These classes and methods are responsible for generating and sending requests to an LDAP server and for handling results returned from an LDAP server.

These classes are in the mozilla/directory/java-sdk/ldapjdk/netscape/ldap/client and mozilla/directory/java-sdk/ldapjdk/netscape/ldap/client/opers directories.

BER Encoding, Decoding, and I/O Classes. These classes and methods encode requests and decode results, according to the Basic Encoding Rules (BER). The functions are also responsible for sending BER-encoded requests to the server and receiving BER-encoded results from the server.

These classes are in the mozilla/directory/java-sdk/ldapjdk/netscape/ldap/ber/stream directory.

The following diagrams illustrate how the method uses the other classes and methods to generate and send an LDAP search request to the server and to get results back from the server. Figure 1 illustrates how the method generates and sends the request, while Figure 2 illustrates how the method gets results back.

Figure 1: How generates and sends a search request.

Figure 2: How gets search results.

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