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LDAP Prefs and UI meeting notes

This session was mostly centered around understanding what the eClient team and management would like to see land in Mozilla in the 0.9 timeframe, and brainstorming how this feature set could be structured. Notes taken by Dan Mosedale <>.

Leif proposed having multiple preference panes. This should allow for sharing some configuration information between features that we're interested in now (typedown addressing) and features that other Mozilla contributors are working on now that eClient will also be interested in later (addressbook integration).
  • core directory config
  • typedown addressing config
  • addressbook directory config (eClient wouldn't spend time on this until post 0.9)
  • advanced panel for complex features?
LDAP features should be configurable mostly via UI, possibly with hidden preferences for very subtle/advanced stuff.
  • preference locking should come for free via work from the Factory (formerly known as Mission Control Desktop) team
  • disabling UI for locked preferences may require extra XUL tweaks

Multiple "directories" that a user can select from, where each directory may only be a subset of the information on a given server, specified by a tuple of at least (hostname, port, bind DN, base DN, search filter).

typedown autocomplete
  • cancel operation on keypress (like existing stuff). dmose thinks that structure of the existing code is likely to make this straightforward
  • 0.9 timeframe likely to support using one of the above-mentioned "directories" at a time
A few other misc addressbook features desired, not specifically connected to LDAP. These are lower priority for our team than typedown addressing, but still interesting.
  • Collected addressbook: have domains which don't get collected. Talk to scottip, candice for more info
  • have domains which automagically default to HTML on or off, rather than unknown (jglick sez: mail/news team already working on this)
SSL / authenticated LDAP
  • a post 0.9-timeframe feature for us
  • talk to lord for more on requirements
  • will require landing of more recent iPlanet LDAP C SDK code on