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LDAP planning meeting 2/6/01

Location: B20-1 Guildenstern
Attendees: dmose, hong, srilatha, jpm, yulian, olgac, leif (remote)

These notes were graciously taken by Hong Kwon <> at a meeting of some folks in Netscape's eClient group to start sorting out the contributions that we would like to make to the LDAP integration code in Mozilla. Minor edits by Dan Mosedale <>.

  • The item that we most want to see land in Mozilla 0.9 typedown addressing.
  • Interesting sources of info:
    • news://
    • irc:
      • #mozilla
      • #addressbook


area feature status
ui/backend typedown addressing 0.9
ui server properties 0.9
ui server add/deletion 0.9
ui server selection 0.9
prefs multiple addresses found ( )show list or ( )accept what i typed 0.9
prefs if 1 match in personal [ ] don't use LDAP at all 0.9
backend  ldap/ssl 1.0

Code Issues

  • leaks/bloat
  • XPCOM wrapper
    • spin down connections
    • ldap_set_options
    • move ldap_unbind out of destructor
    • sync_issues with API
  • i18n (unicode)
    • talk to Kat Momoi
    • Leif: CSDK - binary vs. text attributes
  • anonymous bindings
  • new SDK landing
  • error conditions/rebind

Testing Issues

  • Directory Servers
    • v3 servers
      • MS Active Directory
      • OpenLDAP 2
      • iPlanet Directory Server
    • is there a requirement for v2 servers? (ask Mark Smith)
      • Netscape Directory Servers?
      • OpenLDAP v1
    • i18n data servers
  • unit tests required to get super review and get LDAP turned on by default in the public mozilla tree.
    • olga, start looking at XPCOM wrapper code and old SDK testcases


  • Work with iPlanet folks to finish landing C-SDK on
  • LDAP Bugzilla Components
    • Directory: XPCOM wrapper
    • Mailnews/ LDAP Addrbook Integration
  • Setup meeting with chuang (abook owner)