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Mozilla Developer Sites

Mozilla is not just a browser; it is also a development platform. Outside of, many developers are creating software using technologies. The following lists sites related to Mozilla development.


An informative site on building applications with XUL, XPCOM, and other technologies. The site includes complete tutorials and references.


Developer of Linux desktop environment solutions incorporating Mozilla technologies.


Nvu is an open-source Web authoring application based on Mozilla Composer. The application is developed by Daniel Glazman's Disruptive Innovations.

Mozilla ActiveX Project

An active project to make Mozilla available as ActiveX. Software developers who want to embed in their applications a browser control that supports the latest Internet standards should check this out.


Developer of a browser suite based on Mozilla. The company offers custom development, consulting, and support for a fee.


Xm is an XPCOM component that plugs into Mozilla. It allows you to simulate machine made of electric, logical and physical parts. Mozilla Tutorial

A site with lots of XUL examples.


Home of MozillaTranslator, a indispensible program for many Mozilla software localizers. Also a help site for localizers and users looking for localizations.

An informative site about developing sidebar add-ons for Mozilla, with many examples such as calculator and note-it. The site also has a sidebar directory.

Hall of Fame [xml]

You can find many more developers using technologies in our Hall of Fame page.