Naming Conventions for Functions and Files

While file-naming conventions are not always practical, they can be very useful. The most important naming convention used by the client source is prefixing a function name with an abbreviation of the module in which the function resides. For example, all public functions in the networking library have names that begin with NET_. Typically, functions private to a module have the same prefix, but the characters in the abbreviation are all lowercase, as opposed to all uppercase for exported functions.

Here is a list of common prefixes:
module prefix
layout engine LO_
parser PA_
networking library NET_
"front end" (platform specific) FE_
image library IL_
connection to java layer LJ_
compositor CL_
cross-platform utilites XP_
OS level utilites PR_

The use of prefixes offers two main advantages:

Here are two examples of file naming conventions currently in use:  libmocha filenames begin with lm_*.c, and layout filenames begin with lay*.c.
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