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blue sky: layout

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April 19th
Submitted by Paul Phillips <> to Layout.

HTML version 4.0 has been completed. There are those who disagree philosophically with the idea that standards should be specified by the W3C and then implemented by others, as opposed to the IETF model where implementations precede standardization. Regardless, HTML 4.0 is very likely where it's at in the near future, and it's going to need an implementation. Read about it.

HTML version 4.0 provides a general framework for specifying display presentation in Style Sheets. They let you specify fonts, colors, etc. for web pages without screwing up the logical markup. These should be really big as soon as tasty implementations get out there and in use. You can read about the style sheet language that really matters for the time being, CSS, here and here.

If you're working on these, you should definitely be talking with those working on the XML parser.

This isn't the most exciting little bit of blue sky, in fact it isn't all that blue; it's not a question of if HTML4 support will enter Mozilla, but when. The blue sky part is for Mozilla to have HTML4 support before any other major browser.