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Mozilla Turns 1!

As the Mozilla effort turns one year old, we'd like to reflect a bit on where we are after a year in the open-source community. Some key accomplishments include:

  • There have been many contributors to newsgroups, patches, and code.
  • A roadmap laying out the vision and advantages of a browser based around NGLayout.
  • MozillaZine! provides independent coverage of Mozilla-related events.
  • Next Generation Layout engine (NGLayout), also known as Gecko, is already one of the smallest, fastest browser engines on the Web and has better standards support than any commercial browser.
  • NGLayout is being used as the basis for Citec's DocZilla SGML browser.
  • The M3 build, which is the basis for Communicator 5, was released; third party (XUL skins appeared shortly after the release.

And the best is yet to come:

  • Netscape plans to ship a 5.0 version of their Communicator software based on Mozilla; it's on track to go beta this summer and ship later in 1999.
  • As more featureful and stable builds are released, is sure to draw even more external participation.

At our first birthday, we also have some goodbyes and hellos to the staff at

  • Goodbye to Jamie Zawinski. Thanks, Jamie, for all your contributions over the past year.
  • Hello to three new full-time Mozilla staffers: Mitchell Baker (Chief Lizard Wrangler), Mike Shaver (Talking Head), and Dan Mosedale (Tool Fashioner).

Finally, Frank Hecker has written up some more detailed thoughts on what's happened over the past year and what we've learned.