Accessibility in Mozilla

What’s Covered in this Talk

Step 1. Understand Accessibility

Visual impairments & print disabilities

Physical disabilities

Other disabilities

Software Assumptions

The Curb Cut Effect

Step 2. Mapping the Problem

Accessible Platforms

Assistive Technology I OS Themes & Screen Magnifiers

Assistive Technology II Text to speech & Braille Displays

Assistive Technology III Input aids via keyboard API

Assistive Technology IV Voice Input

Assistive Technology V Video Access

Accessibility Challenge!

What’s not accessible here?

The Context Problem

The Context Solution

How Many Accessibility Problems?

Calendar Challenge Answers

Step 3. Justify Resources

Eval Process, how state $ are spent

Government Procurement

Step 4. Do The Work

Coding Techniques Estimate of Effort

Techniques 101: The Keyboard

Techniques 102: Tabbing & Focus

Techniques 103: OS Theme Compatibility

Techniques 104: Exposing w/ MSAA & ATK

What MSAA & ATK provide

Techniques 105. Test & Polish

#1 - The Absolute Minimum

Crafting Accessible XUL, 1-5

Crafting Accessible XUL, 6-10

Crafting Accessible XUL, 11-15

Crafting Accessible XUL, 16-20

IBM Involvement

IBM’s Mozilla A11y Gap Analysis

IBM’s Future of DHTML

Summary: Motivations

When are you finished?

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