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Access Mozilla

Maintained by Aaron Leventhal and the Mozilla Accessibility Community.

This page contains resources for Mozilla's ongoing web browser accessibility work.


  1. Software Accessibility Today: the accessibility of computer software has seen drastic improvements over the past two decades. This article reviews the progress and technology as it has developed.
  2. Mozilla accessibility slideshow: apologies for the graphical nature of the slideshow; there is also an accessible text version.

What's New?

Who are you?

  1. User, Tester or Potential User
  2. Evaluator or Procurement Officer
  3. Web Author: Updated on August 7th 2006, Accessible DHTML
  4. Assistive Technology Developer
  5. QA engineer
  6. UI designer or developer
  7. Core Gecko Developer
  8. External Developer dealing with Accessibility on a non-Mozilla project
  9. Someone interested specifically in Linux and UNIX Accessibility

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Both end users and developers are invited for discussion on the live IRC channel at Since this is a worldwide effort, there is always a good chance to find someone to chat with there, day or night.

Newsgroup and Mailing List

We have two discussion lists, which can be read via a newsgroup reader, as a mailing list or via Google groups.

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