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* NEW FEATURE: Each month claim some Travel Time for yourself. (See below for details)

 Travel Time

This month we offer the first of several in-depth stories on places of interest to our customers. Written by award-winning writer Linda Robertson, these insightful tales will leave you wanting to see the world!

Here's an excerpt from our first offering:

"Just as we were beginning to worry that we had somehow missed the hostel, a voice rang out from the crowd at the back of the bus. 'Are you going to the hostel?' it said in beautifully accented English. A young woman then emerged from the throng and instructed us on how to get to our lodging from the bus stop. The guardian angel of Italian travel had struck again."

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Every month we offer a few tantilizing specials that may seem too good to be true. This month we are setting the spotlight on some of the best hotels in the world. Take a look at what we have to offer.

 special offers

Don't miss these last minute offers from fine resorts around the world!
  • MALAYSIA: The exotic Shangrila Hotel in downtown Kuala Lumpur offers a romantic weekend package.
    • 3 days, 2 nights acommodations for two
    • daily continental breakfast for two
    • access to a world-class spa and fitness room
    • prices starting at just $400

  • MEXICO: Forget Tijuana, this month we make it within your reach to spend some quality time with your family in fabulous Cabo San Lucas!
    • Stay at the family-friendly Primo Resort
    • 6 days, 7 nights acommodations for four
    • free snorkling lessons for the whole family
Offers are subject to change without notice, so call to book your next vacation today!